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Washroom Soaps

Bulk Fill Soaps

Basin Side Soaps

Bulk Fill Soaps 500ml soap

Gentil Liquid Hand Soap

Gentil Hand Soap
Liquid soap with a pleasant fragrance.  Suitable for all bulk fill dispensers.
Size – 5ltr

Pink:  TAMI3P
Peach:  TAMI3B
White:  TAMI3W

Pink Pearlised Liquid Hand Soap

Pink Pearlised Hand Soap Liquid soap with a floral fragrance.  Suitable for all bulk fill dispensers.

Size – 5ltr TAMI4

Envirological Liquid Hand Soap

Enviro Liquid Soap This gentle hand cleanser is formulated from renewable resources including vegetable derived surfactants, betaines and glycerine and is pH balanced to neutral.  It is biodegradable and contains no phosphates.  It has not been tested on animals.

500ml:  TAMI33

5ltr:  TAMI32

Silk Luxury Hand Soap

Silk Luxury Hand Soap A cosmetic grade hand soap that contains Almond Oil and Aloe Vera to moisturise and soften the skin. Silk is a pearlised, cream coloured hand soap that lathers into a rich silky foam and leaves a subtle almond blossom fragrance on the skin. As a luxury soap, Silk is recommended for use in the most prestigious establishments, where every detail is essential in maintaining excellent standards.

500ml:  TAMJ30

5ltr:  TAMJ130

Velvet Hair And Body Shampoo

Velvet Hair and Body Shampoo A thick, green, apple-fragranced high quality hair and body shampoo. A pH balanced formula with essential conditioning agents to cleanse, freshen and condition in one application. With a high foaming formula, Velvet is suitable for use on all hair and skin types as a hair shampoo, bubble bath, shower gel and all over body wash. Ideal for health clubs, sports centres, hotel rooms, changing rooms and shower areas.

6 x 300ml:  TAMJ61

5ltr:  TAMJ44

Senses Luxury Liquid Hand Soap

Senses AppPeach A quality, high viscosity, pearlised hand soap.  A mild effective formulation to remove light to medium soiling.  With added emollient to leave hands feeling smooth and conditioned. Colour coded green and peach with a subtle apple and peach purfume, which leaves a delicate residual fragrance. Ideal for toilet and washroom areas.

Apple – 500ml:  TAMJ08 / 6 x 500ml:  TAMJ07

Peach – 500ml:  TAMJ06 / 6 x 500ml:  TAMJ05

Buttermilk Soap Tablets

Buttermilk Soap Unwrapped guest soap.

Size – 70g Tablet

Case of 72 Tablets:  TAMI450

Pack of 12 Tablets:  TAMI451

1 Soap Tablet:  TAMI186

Bulk Fill Soap Dispensers

Bulk Fill Soap Disp 1)  Brightwell 1ltr refillable soap dispenser for liquid soap TAMM37

Norsan transparent soap dispensers.  Lockable chrome effect lid and push button.

2)  CH900T 900ml Fill TAMM62

3)  CH500T 500ml Fill TAMM64

4)  CH200T 250ml Fill TAMM63

Bactericidal Hand Soap

Bactericidal Hand Soap


Purelite is a non perfumed bactericidal hand soap suitable for use in catering establishments and food processing areas.  It contains skin friendly cleaning agents and emollients to leave hands clean without any dryness.  Purelite is ideal for use where high level of hand hygiene is necessary i.e. in kitchens, food processing areas, clinics, care homes and hospitals.  Itis effective against Escherichia Coli, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Salmonella and MRSA.

5ltr:  TAMJ48


A high quality bactericidal based liquid soap.  Designed for food preparation and production areas.  Cleans and sanitises hands in one operation.  Leaves hands clean, fresh, smooth and conditioned.  Kills 99.9% of germs. Complies with the challenge test against the following organisms using an adaptation of the European Suspention Test (BSEN 1276):  E coli, Salmonella typhurium, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococeus aureus. Tests have also found this product to be effective against MRSA.

5ltr:  TAMJ5

6 x 500ml:  TAMJ09

500ml:  TAMJ10

Hand Sanitising Gel

Hand Sanitising Gel

Senses / Cleenol

A clear alcohol based unperfumed hand sanitising gel for use in any situation where bactericidal control is important.  Contains Triclosan, a proven bactericide to carry on killing bacteria when the alcohol has evaporated.

Complies with BSEN 1276 bactericidal activity test when used neat and is effective against methycillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), salmonella typhimurium, listeria monocytogenes and escherichia coli with a contact time of 2 minutes and clostridium difficile with a contact time of 30 minutes.

5ltr:  TAMJ49 / 6 x 500ml: TAMJ11 / 500ml: TAMJ12

25 x 50ml:  TAMJ15 / 50ml: TAMJ16


Microclenz gel is an alcohol based, instant hand sanitiser.  It contains powerful bactericides to combat food poisoning bacteria and MRSA.  It is also effective against both gram -ve and gram +ve bacteria.

Microclenz gel is ideal for use in food service areas, kitchens, hospital wards, GP surgeries, leisure centres and schools

5ltr:  TAMI49

500ml:  TAMI50

Workshop Hand Cleaners

Workshop Hand Cleaner


TAM Red Cleen Hands high quality, heavy duty red beaded hand cleanser.  Its powerful yet skin friendly formula, together with the addition of polymer beads, help lift away ingrained and stubborn soilings such as oil, grease, tar, rubber compounds and industrial grime.

5ltr:  TAMJ67

15ltr:  TAMJ68

TAM Special

TAM Special Cleen Hands solvent-free hand cleansing paste developed for the effective removal of medium to heavy soilings such as lubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement, rust etc.  Especially suitable for use in the automotive, construction and metal industries etc.

500ml:  TAMJ18

5ltr:  TAMJ69

15ltr:  TAMJ4

TAM Yellow

TAM Yellow Cleen Hands powerful, solvent-free hand cleansing gel with polymer beads.  Contains natural citrus ingredients to remove ingrained soiling.  For heavy duty industrial soilings such as tar, paint, lacquer, grease, dye, ink and some resins.  Contains glycerine for added skin protection.  Specially suitable for use in garages, workshops, the printing industries etc.

500ml:  TAMJ3

4.5ltr:  TAMJ1

15ltr:  TAMJ2

TAM Hand Cleaner Dispensers

Brightwell Modular Dispenser

Brightwell Dispenser 2 litre capacity, refillable dispenser for heavy duty beaded hand cleaners.  Suitable for all TAM Cleen Hands hand cleaners.


15ltr Dispenser

15ltr Dispenser Metal Metal pump dispenser to fit the TAM Yellow 15ltr tin.


Plastic pump dispenser to fit the TAM Red and TAM Special 15ltr buckets.


15ltr Dispenser Plastic

5ltr Dispenser

5ltr Dispenser Pump dispenser to fit the TAM Red and TAM Special 5ltr buckets.


4.5ltr Dispenser

4.5ltr Dispenser Pump dispenser to fit the TAM Yellow 4.5ltr tin.


Dreumex Ex Cartridge System

EX Range

Dreumex EX150 Plus

An extra powerful hand cleansing gel with skin friendly micrograins for improved performance.  Easily removes heavy soilings such as tar, paint, lacquer and glue.  Especially suitable for use in the automotive and printing industries.

4ltr Cartridge:  TAMJ62

Dreumex EX250 Special

A hand cleansing paste for medium to heavy soilings such as lubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement, rust etc.  Especially suitable for use in the automotive, construction and metal industries etc.

4ltr Cartridge:  TAMJ63

EX4000 Dispenser

Takes both the EX150 and EX250 cartridges.


deb Swarfega Heavy

Swarfega Heavy Heavy traditional hand cleaner with polygrains.  Contains highly refined hydrocarbon solvent which quickly and effectively dissolves oil and grease.  Powerful formula with deep cleaning action.  Contains moisturiser and is lightly perfumed.  Cartridge dispenser available.

4ltr Cartridge:  TAMJ614

Barrier & Reconditioning Creams

Second Skin Barrier Cream

barrier cream An essential ‘before work’ tool in preventing irritating conditions and infections.  Its powerful non-greasy action proctects the skin against paints, resins, epoxies, inks or tar.  A pleasant pink coloured product with a fresh natural fragrance.

1ltr:  TAMJ164

Cleen Hands Universal Barrier & Reconditioning Cream

Barrier & reconditioning Cream A highly effective barrier cream containing a skin moisturiser to ensure that the skin is kept in a smooth supple condition.  The product has been designed as a universal application cream and is suitable for both wet and dry work.  It is long lasting, non – tacky and non slippery on the hands.  Its skin conditioning properties make it ideal as an after work reconditioning cream.  No added lanolin or perfume.

500ml:  TAMJ71

Rozalex Dri-Guard

rozalex dry A general purpose dry work barrier cream designed to give protection against everyday materials such as mineral oils, solvents, dust, grease, factory grime, cements and dry work in light industry etc.  The product is a water based paste consisting of a blend of fatty acid soaps, china clay, glycerine, lanolin, dye, perfume and preservatives.

5ltr:  TAMJ461

Care 4 – Replenishing Cream

(Awaiting Image) A high quality replenishing cream, which contains lipids to recondition the skin during and at the end of the working day.  Care 4 is a viscous, pink lotion formulated with cosmetic grade raw materials to create a universal skin reconditioner with a subtle rose fragrance.

It is suitable for use on all skin types as an after work cream in industry and commerce, to rebalance the natural oils within the skin that are depleated during working activities.  Ideal for engineers and fitters, production operatives, warehouse staff or people working in maintenance, office environments etc.

300ml:  TAMJ165