Manual Laundry System

Laundry Pre-Soak Powder

Laundry Pre-Soak Makes a powerful pre-soak solution for the removal of stubborn stains and grime.  Especially useful for removing soiling from bedding, towels, chef’s whites, tablewear and general catering clothing.



Bio & Non Bio Laundry Powder

Laundry Powder An effective commercial laundry powder suitable for machine and hand washing.  Removes bleachable protein stains including blood, food, tea & coffee.  Suitable for hot, warm and low temperature washes.  Effective against MRSA.


Bio:  TAMG124

Non Bio:  TAMG125

Liquid Laundry

(Awaiting Image) Liquid Laundry is a high performance laundry detergent formulated to combat protein stains on all types of linen including cottons, polyester and synthetic fibres, with a built in optical brightener to make whites look even whiter.  Highly fragranced to give washed laundry that fresh clean smell.  Liquid Laundry is ideal for laundry machines and hand washing.  Effective in soft and hard water conditions and in hot, warm and low temperature washes.


Liquid Laundry:  TAMG10

Liquid Laundry Phosphate Free:  TAMG09

Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener Designed to provide washed linen with softness and outdoor freshness.  Contains a pleasant silky fragrance and will eliminate static cling in tumble dryers.  Suitable for machine and hand washing.


Pink:  TAMG11

Blue:  TAMG11A

Auto Dose Laundry System

Laundry Dosing System

Crystalbrite Destainers

A concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide oxidising agent.  Provides a high level of stain removal.  May be used to remove bleachable stains which cannot be treated with chlorine based bleaches due to the risk of colour removal and fabric damage.  Also highly effective for the treatment of mildew.


Destain Plus:  TAMG13 – 18% peroxide solution

Destain Premium:  TAMG133 – 35% peroxide solution to remove stains and enhance whiteness.

Crystalbrite Aqua Marine Liquid Laundry

A biological liquid detergent which has been designed for most types of soiling.  This product has excellent stain removal properties, which greatly reduce or eliminates the need for rewashing or pre-soaking.  Contains washing soda for a softer wash.



Crystalbrite Care Fabric Softener

Designed to leave cloths fresh and clean, Crystalbrite fabric conditioner gives a soft luxurious fluffy feel to your cloths, making ironing easier and prolonging fabric life.  A new longer lasting perfume gives a fresh clean aroma, even after storage.  Contains a built in antistatic agent.



Laundry Sacks

Red Disolvo Laundry Sacks

(Awaiting Image) Red soluble seam laundry bags provide a convenient and hygienic method of transporting and washing soiled clothing.

The linen is sealed in the bag and put directly into the washing machine.  The water in the machine dissolves the seam of the bag and the linen is released to be washed.

At the end of the cycle the bag is simply removed and disposed of.

Box of 200