Kitchen Hygiene

Washing Up Liquids

Washing Up Liquid 10%

10 Washing UP Liquid A multi-purpose highly effective hand dish washing detergent.  A low cost powerful performance product.

Colour:  Green

5ltr:  TAMF5

Washing Up Liquid 15%

15 Washing Up Liquid An effective hand dish washing detergent for washing up crockery and utensils.  Removes grease with ease for perfect wash results every time.

Colour:  Green

5ltr:  TAMF7

Lemon Washing Up Liquid 20%

Lemon Washing Up Liquid A high foaming detergent, ideal for sink washing of pots, pans and cooking equipment.  It is specially formulated to remove cooking oil, food residues and general soiling from cooking utensils.

Colour:  Yellow

5ltr:  TAMF70

Chisel Washing Up Liquid 30%

Chisel Washing Up Liquid For use in all kitchens, an effective high strength 30% washing up liquid with pure orange oil.  Cuts through grease and grime to leave dishes sparkling clean with the natural scent of fresh oranges.

Colour:  Orange

5ltr:  TAMF80

Envirological Clear Strong Washing Up Liquid

Envirological Washing Up Liquid A concentrated formulation designed to cut through heavy grease and grime.  For the manual washing of pots and utensils.  Contains no unnecessary perfumes or dyes and is clear in colour.  Formulated from renewable resources including vegetable derived surfactants and betaines.  pH balanced to neutral.

Colour:  Clear

500ml:  TAMF72

5ltr:  TAMF71

Dish Washer Detergents

Ecomatic Dishwasher Detergent

Ecomatic Dishwasher Fluid Ecomatic is highly concentrated and suitable for use in soft and hard water conditions.  Designed for use in cabinet dishwashers fitted with automatic dosing equipment, it is excellent for removing food debris, cooking oil, grease, and fats from crockery and cutlery, and removes tea and coffee stains from cups and saucers.  Contains corrosion inhibitors.

5ltr:  TAMF6

25ltr:  TAMF8

Ecorinse Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Ecorinse Dish Washer Rinse Aid Ecorinse is designed for use in the final rinse programme of cabinet dishwashers with an autofeed system.  Formulated to provide spot free results to crockery, cutlery and glassware.  Eliminates hard water spotting.

5ltr:  TAMF27

25ltr:  TAMF3

Genie Dishwasher Powder

(Awaiting Image) Genie is a chlorinated machine dish wash powder.  It removes all types of cooking fats, grease and food debris from crockery and cutlery, and is ideal for use in domestic and semi-commercial dishwashers fitted with a powder dispenser tray.  Easily removes tea and coffee stains from cup, saucers, pots, spoons etc and is effective against food poisoning bacteria.

10kg:  TAMF1

Dishwasher Tablets

Dishwasher Tablets Formulated for use in domestic dishwashers.  The tablets are individually wrapped and combines detergent, rinse aid and salt.

100 Tablets:  TAMF41

Granular Salt

Granular Salt For water softening.

25kg:  TAMF191


(Awaiting Image) A blend of alkalies and water conditioning agents developed to remove all types of soiling from pots, pans and both plastic and metal trays when used in conjunction with an automatic tray washing machine.  Safe to use on aluminium.

5ltr:  TAMF410

Glass Washing & Bar products

Machine Glass Wash

Machine Glass Wash Machine Glass Wash is highly concentrated and suitable for use in soft and hard water conditions.  Designed for use in cabinet glasswashers fitted with automatic dosing equipment, it is excellent for removing proteins and sugars from drinking glasses without affecting beer head retention.

5ltr:  TAMK501

Machine Glass Rinse Aid

Machine Glass Rinse Aid Machine Glass Rinse Aid is designed for use in the final rinse programme of cabinet glasswashers with an autofeed system.  Formulated to provide spot free results to glassware, it eliminates hard water spotting.

5ltr:  TAMK484

Glass Renovator

Glass Renovator Glass Renovator removes rinse aid film and any traces of chemicals used in the manufacture of drinking glasses.  It contains effective germ kill properties and is suitable for use in cabinet and rotary glass washing.

10kg:  TAMK63

Purple Beerline Cleaner

Purple Beer Line Cleaner A non tainting, concentrated formulation that removes yeast, sugars and proteins, cleaning and sanitising in a single operation.  This product is designed to change colour when it is in the beerline and there is no colour change when the line is clean.

5ltr:  TAMK485A

Kitchenware Maintainers


(Awaiting Image) Divine is a tea and coffee stain remover powder, suitable for use as a pre-soak agent.  It is safe to use on stainless steel, plastics, bone china, ceramics and porcelain and contains effective oxygen release agents, making it ideal for destaining tea urns, coffee thermos flasks, mugs, cups, pots and spoons.

10kg:  TAMF4


TRAK With a hypochlorite sanitiser base, Trak is an effective bactericidal cleaner and incorporates a hard water formulation to protect surfaces from scale.  Trak effectively cleans and destains surfaces, crockery, cutlery and utensils and is suitable for machine or hand use.  Items made from glass and aluminium should only be cleaned with through a dishwashing machine.

5ltr:  TAMG85


PHOS Phos is a low foaming, non tainting, concentrated descaler for stainless steel plants and equipment in the food industry.  Made from a blend of food safe acids produced to a high level of purity to descale and remove traces of alkali cleaners.  Ideal for descaleing bain – maries, stainless steel water boilers, steamers, dishwashing and glasswashing machines and stainless steel pipework.

5ltr:  TAMH81

Pyramid Plus

Pyramis Plus Descaler Pyramid Plus is a heavy duty limescale remover.  Safe to use on stainless steel surfaces, it is ideal for descaling dishwashers, glasswashers, urns, kettles etc.  Leaves an anti corrosive barrier on ferrous surfaces.  Can also be used for de-rusting metals and is effective at cleaning aluminium.

5ltr:  TAMH6

Oven Cleaners

Brown Oven Cleaner

Brown Oven Cleaner A heavy duty oven cleaner that is highly effective at removing heavy grease and carbon deposits from commercial ovens, grills and barbecues.  Do not use on aluminium.

1ltr:  TAMF68

5ltr:  TAMF15


Vanquish Oven Cleaner A powerful liquid gel, which penetrates, emulsifies and dissolves severe soiling.  Vanquish is based on 20% Sodium Hydroxide to ensure rapid action.  Ideal to rapidly remove charred food debris, dries bloods, fats and grease from a range of surfaces including; ovens, deep fat fryers, extraction hoods and filters, grills, skillets and equipment.  Recommended for use in all kitchens and food plants to clean heavily soiled equipment.

5ltr:  TAMG194


Kodex Combi Oven Detergent A specialist concentrated degreaser for use through the integral cleaning system on combination ovens.  Dosed automatically during the oven’s cleaning programme, Kodex has controlled foam levels and is effective for the removal of food debris, grease, oils and carbonised materials.  Suitable for use in both atmospheric and non-atmospheric (pressurised) ovens.

5ltr:  TAMF9


Koral Combi Oven Rinse Aid A specialist concentrated rinse additive for use through the integral cleaning system on combination ovens.  Dosed automatically following the oven’s cleaning programme, Koral neutralises any alkaline detergent residues and ensures an effective rinse process.  Koral will reduce water spot marking and help to control water scale if used regularly.  Suitable for use in both atmospheric and non – atmospheric (pressurised) ovens.

5ltr:  TAMG008

Surface Cleaners and Sanitisers

Ubik 2000

UBIK 2000 A universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate, designed to dissolve and float away the toughest grime and leave a spotless finish.  A powerful alkaline cleaner and degreaser designed to perform quickly to maintain hygiene in food environments.  Ideal for cleaning food oils, fats, blood, dirt, industrial oils and grease from a multitude of surfaces including;  concrete, industrial paintwork, plastic, ceramic and stainless steel.

5ltr:  TAMG172


BD200 BD200 is a unique one stage cleaner and sanitiser containing excellent degreasing and bactericidal properties.  It is perfume free and non tainting, and is effective against food poisoning bacteria, including E-Coli, making it an ideal product for use in the food industry.  Can be used on all work surfaces, cooker tops, canopies, walls, floors, racking, fridges, freezers, storage cabinets.  Safe to use on aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and ceramic tiled surfaces.

1ltr Ready To Use:  TAMF65

5ltr Concentrate:  TAMF26

Trio 100

Trio 100 Trio 100 is an odourless, neutral sanitiser that is ideal for daily disinfection in the food industry.  Effective against MRSA, Salmonella, E. Coli and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.  Trio 100 cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces safely.  Use on a regular basis for cleaning and disinfecting work surfaces, equipment, floors, walls, delivery vehicles etc.  Kills 99.999% of bacteria and tested to BS EN 1276 at a dilution of 1:120.

5ltr:  TAMH82

Sanitising Powder

Sanitising Powder Sanitising Powder contains a chlorine doner and is highly effective against food poisoning bacteria.  It is safe to use on food preparation surfaces, chopping boards, fridges, freezers and vending machines, and is highly recommended for use for wiping down all surfaces before and after food preparation.

10kg:  TAMF14

Milton Sterilising Fluid

(Awaiting Image) Liquid for disinfecting surfaces and utensils in professional kitchens.  Great for use on kitchen surfaces, floors, walls, sports equipment, tea cups, hospital equipment and baby/breast feeding equipment.  Kills 99.999% of bacteria with 5 minute contact time (EN1276 & EN13697 standard).  No need to rinse after use.

5ltr:  TAMG191

Surface and Equipment Degreasers


Cruiser Cruiser is a heavy duty degreaser with bactericidal properties.  Being non tainting makes it ideal for use in the food service industry and a truly versatile product – ideal for cleaning fat fryers, extraction filters, kitchen floors and walls.  It is also suitable for use in soak tanks and for unblocking greasy drains.

Cruiser can be used to clean ceramic and quarry tiled areas, stainless steel, concrete, Altro and epoxy sealed floors.

Do not use on aluminium or zinc galvanised surfaces.

5ltr:  TAME100

25ltr:  TAME1

Degreaser Powder

(Awaiting Image) Degreaser Powder is highly recommended for cleaning fat fryers, extraction filters, greasy floor surfaces and is suitable for use in soak tanks.  It is non caustic and safe for use on all kitchen surfaces including aluminium cooking equipment, roasting trays, pots and pans.

10kg:  TAMF81


(Awaiting Image) Foamet is an odourless and non tainting, foaming alkali detergent developed for use to clean equipment in food plants and factories.  It is designed to remove oil, grease, fat, blood and protein based soiling from all types of surfaces including laminates, stainless steel, ceramic tiles and painted surfaces.

Can be used manually or through a pressure washer fitted with a foaming lance.

25ltr:  TAME52

Catering Disposables

Cling Film

cling film A high quality cling film with cutter box, excellent for covering all fresh and fatty foods.  Conforms to ec directive 2002/72/EC for use with food.  Safe for use in microwaves, fridges and freezers.

300mm x 300M (12″)



Kitchen Foil A heavy duty catering foil in a self dispensing cutter box.

450mm x 75M (18″)


Parchment Paper

Parchment Paper A silicone based tray cover, the modern equivalent to grease proof paper, manufactured in a handy roll inside a self dispensing cutter box.

450mm x 50M (18″)