Floor Products

Hard Floor Cleaners

Pine Disinfectant QAP 30

Pine Disinfectant A clear green quaternary disinfectant suitable for floors, walls, bins etc, which removes unpleasant odours and leaves behind a refreshing pine residual odour.

5ltr:  TAMG126

Citrus Disinfectant

Citrus Disinfectant A lemon disinfectant that provides a bactericide, germicide and fungicide all in one.  Use on floors, toilets, sinks etc.

5ltr:  TAMG22A

Floral Disinfectant QAP 50

Floral Disinfectant A blend of surfactants and bactericides with a pleasant floral fragrance developed for use in hospitals, schools, nursing homes etc, to clean and deodorise floors, walls, paintwork etc.

5ltr:  TAMG48

Lemon Floor Gel

Lemon Floor Gel A multi-purpose bacteriostatic cleaner with a lemon scent.  This product has superior cleaning power for floors and walls and it deodorises and sanitises, leaving a pleasant lemon fragrance.

5ltr:  TAMD7

Fresh Wild Lemon and Fresh Floral Bouquet

Fresh Wild Lemon & Fresh Floral Bouquet A daily cleaner and disinfectant designed for regular use on all hard surfaces to maintain clean and hygienic conditions.  Kills 99.999% of bacteria including MRSA.

Fresh Wild Lemon 5ltr:  TAMG189

Fresh Floral Bouquet 5ltr:  TAMG294


Floor It A neutral, green floor cleaner which is suitable for use on all hard floors.  When applied, Floorit is low foaming and leaves a fresh, lemony fragrance after use.

With a sophisticated self-levelling formulation, Floorit dries quickly and evenly over the surface of the floor without leaving patches or smears.  This makes its application quicker and easier than that of other floor cleaners, as the drying time is cut by up to half.

Floorit is safe for use on all hard floors including polished floors, marble, linoleum, wood, PVC, concrete, tiles and laminate floors.

5ltr:  TAMD68


Octet Bactericidal Floor Cleaner Octet is a non hazardous bactericidal cleaner suitable to use on all hard surfaces including polished floors and painted surfaces.  It is effective against MRSA making it ideal for use where a high level of germ kill is required i.e. care homes, leisure centres, schools etc.

5ltr:  TAME36


Floordet Floordet is low foam floor cleaner, designed for use in a scrubber-dryer.  It is suitable for all types of hard floor surfaces, including painted floors, and contains bactericidal properties effective against food poisoning bacteria.  Not for use on sealed floors.

5ltr:  TAMD90


Deep Fresh A heavy duty floor cleaner designed to remove rubber scuff and fork lift marks from a variety of surfaces including concrete, safety floor covering, vinyl, stone, marble, composite etc.  Apply using spray, mop or machine method and it will leave behind an anti-static finish.

5ltr:  TAMD406

25ltr:  TAMD407

Safety Floor 50

Safety Floor 50 This product satisfies the specifications required of a cleaning agent for cleaning safety flooring such as those found in schools, office blocks, leisure centres etc, working quickly with minimum effort, minimal rinsing and drying streak free.

It is an alkaline detergent and doesn’t contain pine oil or quaternary compound, which can cause the floor to become brittle and shrink.  It does, however, contain agents which promotes quick drying, an important factor when cleaning public walkways.

5ltr:  TAMD61

Hard Floor Degreasers


Cruiser A heavy duty degreaser with bactericidal properties that is non tainting, making it ideal for use in the food industry.  This is a truely versatile product, ideal for cleaning floors, walls, fat fryers etc, and can be used on cermanic and quarry tiled areas, stainless steel, concrete, altro and epoxy sealed floors.

5ltr:  TAME100

25ltr:  TAME1


Speed A heavy duty degreaser with a blend of alkalies, water miscible solvents, surfactants and inhibitors developed to remove the heaviest soiling such as grease, grime, oil, dirt, soot and nicotine stains from all types of hard surfaces including concrete, tiles, stainless steel and laminated surfaces.  Do not use on glass.

5ltr:  TAME232

25ltr:  TAME233


Viro-sol A citrus based, fast acting cleaner and degreaser that has been formulated with citrus solvents for maximum cleaning power to remove even the most stubborn soiling with ease.

5ltr:  TAME56

Hard Floor Care

Floor Polish Stripper

Floor Polish Stripper This product is a high performance emulsion floor polish stripper for both metallised and non metallised polish.  It is designed to remove the heaviest build up of polish, grease and general grime from all types of hard surfaces.  Contains no harsh solvents or ammonia and can be used manually or with a machine.

5ltr:  TAMD492

Metallised Floor Polish

Metallised Floor Polish A high solids content gives an extremely durable protection to floor coverings with light to medium traffic.  A blend of metallised polymers and waxes provide a quality wet look finish to floor surfaces, and it has excellent slip resistant properties and scuff resistance.  Durable and very responsive to high speed burnishing and spray buffing.

5ltr:  TAMD498

Floor Maintainer

Floor Maintainer A neutral floor maintainer that is ideal for use on polished floor surfaces.  This product combines detergents, polymers and waxes to produce a clean and shiny non-slip gloss finish after buffing.  Safe to use on all types of hard floor surfaces including vinyl, terrazo, concrete, stone, thermoplastic, linoleum, sealed wood, sealed cork and rubber composite floor surfaces.

5ltr:  TAMD418

Carpet Care


Mighty Carpet Cleaner Mighty is a highly concentrated, low foam carpet shampoo designed for use in carpet extraction machines.  It contains a blend of surfactants, soiling removing agents, defoamers, anti-re-deposition agents and deodorants.  It removes grease, oil and general grime from all types of carpets and upholstery, whilst leaving a fresh after clean fragrance.

5ltr:  TAMD58

25ltr:  TAMD59


Detak Chewing Gum Remover A simple to use spot application treatment for the effective removal of chewing gum.  It is designed to combat problems with sticky gum deposits by breaking down the structure of the chewing gum, allowing it to be removed quickly and easily.  For use on solvent resistant carpets and fabrics.

5ltr:  TAMB86

SAS 20

SAS 20 Spot & Stain Remover An effective spot and stain remover that has been formulated to dissolve grease and oil quickly, leaving behind a long lasting floral fragrance.  It is a thin, clear liquid that crystallises grease and oil, enabling it to be brushed or vacummed away.  It is suitable for removing spots and stains on all types of carpet and upholstery that are not water sensitive.

750ml:  TAMG59


Sanex Urine Odour Neutraliser Designed to combat unwanted odours and bad smells, especially stale urine odours.  It is a colourless, odourless, low viscosity liquid that combats unwanted odours by neutralising the odour molecule.  This product may be used on any surface that is water tolerant including carpets, mattresses, chairs, hard surfaces etc.

750ml:  TAMG56

5ltr:  TAMG57

Citra Clean Concentrate

Citra Clean Concentrate Probably the only cleaner you will need and one of the most powerful and versatile cleaners available.

Citra Clean may be used successfully for all types of janitorial and most industrial cleaning applications.  Undiluted it will remove chewing gum and tar from carpets as well as grease, ink, adhesive and sealant from almost any surface.  Powerful enough to strip polish, wax and even some graffiti from hard surfaces and flooring, yet diluted it becomes the perfect carpet and upholstery cleaner.  Citra Clean is great on walls, painted surfaces, concrete and terrazzo.  It will quickly remove sticky finger marks and black shoe scuffs.

Used with a microfibre cloth, Citra Clean Concentrate can be diluted over 200:1 to safely clean hard surfaces such as vehicles, worktops, floors and display equipment.

5ltr:   TAMG239

British Nova Range

Nova Safety Floor Cleaner

Nova Safety Floor Cleaner Ensures swift soil removal and can be used for deep cleaning as well as routine maintenance of any safety floor.  It’s added bactericidal compounds makes Nova Safety Floor Cleaner an extremely effective disinfectant, ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other areas where a clean, safe floor is essential.  In addition, an unobtrusive but refreshing re-odoriser lingers to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere.

5ltr:  TAM

Nova Liquid 99

Nova Liquid 99 A super concentrated biodegradable liquid cleaner for use on floors, walls and other hard surfaces.  Powerful, effective and multipurpose in use, it penetrates and emulsifies dirt and grease, releasing it from the surface.  May be used in a sprayer, with steam cleaning equipment, with floor scrubbing machines, with mopping systems or simply as a washing solution.

5ltr:  TAMD03

Nova Tri-Power

(Awaiting Image) This product is designed for the economical and rapid removal of heavy deposits of oil, dirt and grease from floors which ordinary detergents leave behind.  This concentrated, versatile degreasant combines solvent, emulsifiers and balanced alkaline cleaners, which penetrates and emulsifies oil and grease, releasing dirt from the floor surface.  After use, a clean water rinse flushes away the emulsified oil and dirt, leaving the surface clean and fresh.

5ltr:  TAMD4

Nova Long-Life Gloss Finish

Nova Long-Life Gloss Finish A solids rich metallised emulsion dressing that can be easily maintained with or without a machine, and an ideal base for spray buffing and mop & buff.  Being rich in high quality solid ingredients, this product gives a brilliant, long lasting shine and even old, porous floors can now be restored to a forgotten brilliance.

5ltr:  TAMD05

Nova Restorer Maintainer

Nova Restorer Maintainer A highly concentrated product which is formulated for use on a range of floors including Terrazzo, slate, marble, quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, sealed wood, linoleum, rubber and vinyl amongst others.  This product is incredibly easy to apply and with the use of a buffing machine, will give your floor an outstanding shine.  The blend of waxes and polymers create a slip resistant surface, even when polished, and proves exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions.  For a ‘wet look’ finish, use high or ulta high speed machines.

5ltr:  TAMD04


Nova Lite A neutral low foaming carpet shampoo for use in hot water extraction machines.

5ltr:  TAMD51

Floor Products Misc.

Floor Pads

floor pads 3M floor pads for floor machines.  Packed in boxes of 5 and available in 15, 16 or 17″.
Black – Stripping – Removes dirt and old wax build up.  Cleans down to original surface.

Green Scrubbing – For heavy duty scrubbing or light stripping.  Removes heavy dirt and scuff marks.

Blue Spray Cleaning – For routing and scrubbing.  Removes dirt and scuff marks from heavily soiled floors.

Red Spray Buff – For spray buffing and light scrubbing.  Removes scuff marks and dirt while producing a high gloss finish.

White Buffing – For buffing and light cleaning.  Removes scuff marks and dirt while shining floors.

Wet Floor Sign

Floor Signs Free standing  polypropylene folding sign.

Side 1:  Cleaning In Progress

Side 2:  Wet Floor


Brown Floor Granules

Floor Granules New Safety Tread granules are designed not only to absorb spilled oil or solvent, but to draw out impregnated oil from concrete, tarmac or composition flooring.  These granules will not mud or slip, even when saturated and is virtually dust free.

30ltr:  TAMD537

White Floor Granules

White Floor Granules Ideal for oil, grease and water on all surfaces.  Chemically inert and fire retardant.  Absorbs up to 12ltrs.

20ltr:  TAMD121