Engineering & Industrial Products


(Awaiting Image) Dewatering, Penetrating, Lubricating and Freeing Oil.

Ideal for freeing seized joints, protecting against corrosion and displacing water.  Laser also acts as a lubricant whilst cleaning and protecting.

It is recommended for use on all metals, plastics, rubbers, lacquers, enamels and ceramics that are solvent resistant, and is ideal in the automotive engineering industry for use on moving parts and components.  Laser will free nuts, bolts and fittings and cleans and eases the assembly of components.

750ml:  TAMH345

5ltr:  TAMH344

Maintenance Spray

(Awaiting Image) A heavy duty multi-purpose maintenance spray which is designed to repel and displace moisture from moving parts and electrical apparatus, helps in the protection against rust and corrosion, lubricates and releases metal components and eliminates squeaks caused through friction.

400ml Aerosol:  TAMC602

12 x 400ml Aerosol:  TAMC601

De-watering Aerosol

(Awaiting Image) De-watering anti-rust agent sprays with a light brown low viscosity solvent and oil blend, giving excellent penetrating properties.  It is a high performance, multi application fluid which has excellent de-watering, anti corrosive and general lubricating properties.

400ml Aerosol:  TAMC49

12 x 400ml Aerosol:  TAMC50

Magic Degreaser

(Awaiting Image) Magic is a solvent degreaser, formulated for use to remove oil and grease from vehicle engines.

It is designed to dissolve oil and grease on contact and can also be used as a de-waxer for the removal of paraffin based transit coatings from new vehicles.

5ltr:  TAMA185

25ltr:  TAMA183

Speed Heavy Duty Degreaser

(Awaiting Image) A blend of alkalies, water miscible solvents, surfactants and inhibitors developed to remove the heaviest soiling such as grease, grime, dirt, oil, soot and nicotine stains from all types of hard surfaces including concrete, tiled, stainless steel and laminate surfaces.

5ltr:  TAME232

25ltr:  TAME233


(Awaiting Image) This product uses a combination of inhibited hydrochloric acid and specific detergents developed to remove the heaviest limescale from tiled, concrete and brick work surfaces.  This product can also be used to remove efflorescence staining and as an etchant prior to the painting of concrete floors.

5ltr:  TAMH420

25ltr:  TAMH421

White Grease Aerosol

(Awaiting Image) Scientifically prepared grease formulated to resist heat and water and also protect against corrosion.  White grease can be used on hinges, gears, bearings, springs, ‘o’ rings, sliding shackles and striker plates.

400ml Aerosol:  TAMC695

12 x 400ml Aerosol:  TAMC255

Brake Cleaner

(Awaiting Image) Brake cleaning solvent is a fast drying solvent blend designed for use as an air drying solvent and degreaser that can be used on all metals.

5ltr:  TAMH336

Brake and Clutch Cleaner Aerosol

(Awaiting Image) A high performance blend of solvents for the quick and effective removal of lining dust, brake fluid, oil, grease and dirt from brake and clutch systems.

400ml Aerosol:  TAMC010

12 x 400ml Aerosol:  TAMC10

Carburetter Cleaner

(Awaiting Image) Specially formulated for the fast removal of resin, gum and oil deposits associated with petrol and oil.  Evaporates fully leaving no residue.  Suitable for all carburettors, injectors and most engine components.

400ml Aerosol:  TAMC38A

12 x 400ml Aerosol:  TAMC38

Cutting and Tapping Fluid

(Awaiting Image) Provides a high performance, non corrosive, extreme pressure lubrication for drilling, boring, broaching, reaming, threading, milling, turning and facing.  Suitable for most materials including iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and copper.

400ml Aerosol:  TAMC182

12 x 400ml Aerosol:  TAMC181

Heavy Duty Adhesive

(Awaiting Image) Chlorinated spray adhesive has been scientifically developed for use in areas where good initial strength is desirable.  Perfect for bonding difficult materials such as laminates, veneer, edging and polyethylene.  Spray adhesive is effective on glass, rubber, wood and metals and also upholstery foams and fabrics.

Not suitable for polystyrene.

400ml Aerosol:  TAMC06

Silicone Spray

(Awaiting Image) A high quality silicone lubricant, excellent for use on plastic, rubber, wood, metal and fabrics.  Will lubricate slides, bearings, conveyors, texile needles etc and is safe for use on food machinery.

400ml Aeosol:  TAMC04

12 x 400ml Aerosol:  TAMC31

Silicone Free Dressing Aerosol

(Awaiting Image) A high quality non silicone polish and lubricant, excellent as a surface polish on plastic, vinyl, rubber and wood.  Ideal for dashboards, car interiors, bumpers and grilles.  Can also be used as a lubricant on hinges, locks, sun roofs and sun visors etc.

400ml Aerosol:  TAMC01

12 x 400ml Aerosol:  TAMC39

Pallet Wrap

(Awaiting Image) Clear pallet wrap.  500mm x 150M 30mu.

1 Roll:  TAML422

Rock Salt

(Awaiting Image) 25kg:  TAMH2

Ice Melt

(Awaiting Image) A safe de-icing and prevention compound that contains penetrating agents to enable the removal of hazardous ice deposits from car parks, walkways, rails, railway platforms, stairs, ramps, loading bays etc.  Ice Melt melts ice 8 times faster than rock salt, and dissolves completely, without a trace.

10kg:  TAMH09

Spillage Granules

Brown Floor Granules

Floor Granules New Safety Tread granules are designed not only to absorb spilled oil or solvent, but to draw out impregnated oil from concrete, tarmac or composition flooring.  These granules will not mud or slip, even when saturated, and is virtually dust free.

30ltr:  TAMD537

White Floor Granules

White Floor Granules Ideal for oil, grease and water on all surfaces.  Chemically inert and fire retardant.  Absorbs up to 12ltrs.

20ltr:  TAMD121