Household Cloths



Dishcloth Red edge, bleached yarn dishcloth.  50 x 30cm.


J Cloths

Economy J Cloth Economy J cloths.  30 x 38 cm.  Pack of 50

Red:  TAML41B

Blue:  TAML41

Green:  TAML41A

Yellow:  TAML41C

Genuine J Cloth Genuine J Cloths.  36 x 61 cm.  Pack of 50.

Available in red, blue, green and yellow.


EnviroWipe Plus


Envirowipe Blue

The EnviroWipe Plus is one of the most hygienic anti-bacterial cloths available with it’s anti-bacterial agent that inhibits bacterial growth on the cloth.  It can be machine washed up to 15 times without losing it’s anti-bacterial properties and the open cellular structure makes the cloth very effective for collecting food and dirt particles and removing stubborn stains.  Its Viscose Polyester Blend offers excellent durability, strength and high absorbency, being able to absorb up to ten times its own weight.  50 X 36 cm.  25 Wipes Per Pack.

Red:  TAML73

Blue:  TAML72

Green:  TAML74

Yellow:  TAML75

Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre Cloths Microfibre construction lifts and traps dirt from any surface.  Reduces chemical consumption and can be laundered 100’s of times. 40 x 40cm.

Pink:  TAML524

Blue:  TAML296

Green:  TAML525

Yellow:  TAML526

Microfibre Cloth Green

Glass Cloth

Glass Cloth A specially designed cloth for glass and mirror surface cleaning and dust control.  40 x 40 cm.  Available in blue only.


glass cloth Linen Union glass cloth, 60% linen.  50 x 76 cm approx. Pack of 10.


Vileda Miraclean Sponge

(Awaiting Image) Made from 100% melamine resin, Miraclean runs on water only, lowering the overall costs for cleaning and eliminating the need for chemical sprays.  Pack of 12.


Super Scourers

Super Scourer Green Large green pan scourer. 22 x 15 cm.  Pack of 10.


Sponge / Scourer

Sponge / Scourer Large sponge / scourer.  10 x 15 cm.  Pack of 10


Pot Scourers

Galv Steel Pot Scourer Galvanised steel pot scourer.  36g each.  Pack of 10.


Steel Pot Scourer Stainless steel pan scourer.  40g each.  Pack of 10.


Tea Towels

Riceweave Tea Towel Check rice weave tea towels.  50 x 70 cm.  Available in red, blue and green.



Duster Orange duster.  45 x 50 cm


Floor Cloth

Floor Cloth Floor cloth.  45 x 48 cm.


Workshop Cloths

ind wiper pic

Handy Rag

Handy Rag Budget low cost general purpose cleaning rag for heavier engineering use.



Workshop Cloth

Workshop Cloth Textured, polo, pique and ribbed mixed cotton materials for use as a budget stockinette.





Hosiery Mixed knitted t-shirt type materials, predominantly cotton for general purpose cleaning and wiping.



Coloured Polishing Cloth

(Awaiting Image) Soft knitted cotton polishing and cleaning cloths for specialist finishes.



Fine Polishing Cloth

Fine polishing Cloth Soft natural, smooth unbleached cotton material for high quality specialist finishes.



Super Towel

Super Towel Cloth Soft one side with a raised knap on the other.  Great for polishing and with very high absorbency.



White Sheeting

White Sheeting Low linting and non smearing making it ideal for cleaning steel and glass.



White Cotton Polishing Cloth

White Cotton Polishing Soft knitted cotton polishing and cleaning cloths for specialist finishes.



Stockinette Rolls

stockinette roll Mixed fibre stockinette roll.


(Awaiting Image) White Stockinette with double thickness weave.  9M length.



SPEC MUTTON Special Mutton Cloth

Fine stockinette, knitted 16’s count soft cotton yarn.




Bleached stockinette, knitted 6’s bleach cotton.



Vehicle Cleaning Cloths

Car Cleaning Cloths


leather chamois Leather chamois

4′ sq


synthetic chamois Synthetic chamois

46 x 38 cm



spongejumbocar Jumbo car sponge


spongelargecar Large car sponge


Paper / Cloth Wipes

Extra Soft Polishing Wipes

extra soft White, super soft Hydro-Entangled (non-apertured) absorbent cleaning and wiping cloths, ideal for almost every wiping application.  Solvent resistant and low linting, perfect for automotive refinishing and general valeting.  Designed to be used wet or dry.

5kg box


Duratex Multipurpose

duratex Duratex wipes are ideal for engineering, printing or any robust wiping job.  It is apertured fabric for extra absorbency and feels just like a textile wiper.  It is solvent resistant and can be rinsed out and reused.

4kg box


Premium Apex

premium apex Super soft, white hydro-entangled and apertured non-woven polishing wipes that are superb for cleaning and polishing, and are perfect for all refinishing and wiping applications.  They are solvent resistant wipes that can be used wet or dry.  The apertured fabric absorbs polish and wax, and they are non-scratch for a perfect finish.

5kg box



eco weave
This versatile and solvent resistant fabric is apertured for extra absorbency and feels just like textile wiper.  The durable fabric can be rinsed and reused, making them very economical.

4kg box


Atlas Roll

atlas roll Very low linting, absorbent and super strong whether wet or dry.  Atlas fabric wipers are perfect as a spirit and solvent pre clean wiper.  They absorb grease, grime and oil, and are great with printing inks and for heavy duty jobs.

2 Rolls.  400 sheets per roll.


atlas roll


solv-it Solv-it is a low linting, 100% meltblown polypropylene wiper that is durable, making it ideal for heavy duty jobs.  It is absorbent (will absorb grease, grime and oil), and solvent resistant, perfect as a spirit and solvent pre clean wiper.  Great with printing inks.  Can be used wet or dry.

TAML36C 10 x 50 folded towels

TAML631 150 folded towels

Coloured Cottonette

coloured cottonette Highly absorbent, very versatile and easily recognisable as the ‘cloth with the holes’.  Can be used wet or dry, rinsed and reused.  Perfect for all cleaning and wiping applications in hygiene, janitorial and the food industry.

Crumple pack pieces 40 x 60 cm approx

Also available in white.

Allwipe Towels

ALLWIPE Allwipe towels are pulp and latex creped wipes that are very absorbent and retain their strength when wet.  They are an excellent, solvent resistant, all round hand and tool wiper.

150 folded towels.



Airlay Towels

AIRLAY A highly absorbent non-woven fabric wipe that is solvent resistant and can be used wet or dry.  Ideal for all industrial wiping.

8 x 50 folded towels.


Airsoft Wiper

airsoft This product is manufactured using a water free air blown process, resulting in white, low lint wiper that is suitable for polishing due to its non-scratching properties.  Airsoft wipers have superb adsorbency and wet strength.

2 rolls.  120 sheets per roll.


Body / Patient Wipes

Cleenol Heavy Duty Textured hand Wipes

text hand wipes Based on non-toxic solvents and mild agents and contains no hydro-carbon related solvent or alkalis.  For the removal of heavy duty and ingrained soils from the hands and the removal of oils and greases.  Ideal for when on the move or where there are no washing facilities available.

50 wipes per tub.


Cleenol Smooth Hand Wipes

cleen hands smooth wipes
Based on non-toxic solvents and mild agents and contains no hydro-carbon related solvent or alkalis.  For the removal of light to medium ingrained soils from the hands and the removal of oils and greases.  Ideal for when on the move or where there are no washing facilities available.

100 wipes per tub.


Bodyfresh Patient Wipes

bodyfresh A high quality soft, strong wet wipe, ideal for skin cleaning in areas where no access to wash facilities exist.  A pleasant baby powder fragrance leaves skin refreshed and clean.

TAML271 150 wipes

TAML273 500 wipes

Patient Care Wipes

patient wipes Velvetex highly absorbent dry care wipes are a super soft fabric that won’t harm the most delicate of skin.  Can be used wet or dry and with cleaning solutions.

40 packs of 50 quarter folded wipes


Hand Wet Wipes

wet wipes Contained in a handy sized flat pack, these wipes are specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse and sanitise hands where water is not available.  The product is ideal in many situations including food preparation, patient care and home improvement.  Specially balanced at pH 5.5 and containing added moisturisers, these wipes are suitable for use on sensitive skin.

20 packs of 40 wipes


Surface Wipes


sanisafe 200

sanisafe 500

Surface wipes that will eliminate cross contamination with a single stroke.  Sanisafe wet disinfectant wipes are effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, viruses and fungi including H1N1, salmonella, listeria, e-coli, staphylococcus aureus, c-difficile, MRSA, candida albicans, aspergillus niger.  Sanisafe is tested and approved to European norms EN1276 bactericidal efficacy and EN1650 fungicidal activity and is ideal for disinfection of medium food preparation and work surfaces, scale pans, fridges, ovens and utensils.

TAML91 Tub of 200

TAML89 Tub of 500

VDU – Telephone Wipes

vdu wipes Specialist moist wipes impregnated with a non-smear anti-static formula, the wipes are designed to clean, disinfect and sanitise telephone handsets, base stations, computer screens and equipment.

Tub of 100 wipes